Friday, March 18, 2011

The charm of flower engagement rings

Many couples think that traditional engagement rings are predictable and cliché. Hence they go for flower engagement rings which are considerably unique. The figural design is perfect for many preferences for its variety and tremendous versatility. Moreover there is an added benefit that it is often less expensive as well.
Usually there is a stereotypical image of flower shaped ring. 

People imagine a cluster setting vaguely representing a generic daisy. However the floral shaped rings are not limited to this. There are many ways in which the flower design would be incorporated into a range of ring designs. Four different varieties of engagement rings are popular namely the filigree engagement rings, art deco engagement rings, Celtic rings and engraved rings. In the delicate artistic work of filigree rings, an intricate flowering vine is seen highlighting one or more gemstone blooms. For an art deco style, the stylized nature of flower rings and the intertwined use of metal and colored gemstones would be perfect. The Celtic rings can be woven to mimic vines, leaves and flowers as it has the symmetrical knot patterns. The engraved engagement rings would usually have small blooms that would be engraved on the exterior of a wide band for a subtle floral accent. For creating a distinctive personalized ring, you would be loaded with a variety of designs, types of flowers, settings, metals and gemstones.

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